New changes will be proposed to the LDF document this Friday, and the consultation will be open for a period of six weeks. Please take part and make sure that your voice is heard. I can't support this document personally, there is not enough emphasis on facilitating the additional housing, instead they seem to want to pile it high and hope for the best. As I have said on this forum many times, we shouldn't be building any new houses unless the developers contribute to the infrastructure surrounding the developments.

The strategic housing allocation is no longer a must. I would personally scrap it and then work with landowners as suggested in other threads to ensure everyone was aware of what would be required to facilitate housing or any development of their land. By putting all of our eggs in one or two baskets as we are now, we risk being held to ransom by developers who always seem to get what they want and the council achieve very little.

There is still no plan for economic growth in the district either, so unless 10,000 households are going to be working at Parkway, where will these people get jobs?