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Newbury Today Forum _ Random Rants _ God good.....Gay bad......Don't discuss.

Posted by: SirWilliam May 22 2019, 10:30 AM

Great idea this multiculturalism. Another generation will grow up remembering scenes of turmoil outside their school and believe that their religious doctrine is right and the others evil. Anyone still think we are not heading for an abyss with little chance of return? Irony is that in this particular case the MP is a member of the Labour party which relies heavily on the islamic vote, which may see her replaced by a more "sympathetic" candidate before the next GE. angry.gif

Posted by: Strafin May 22 2019, 01:30 PM

That's ridiculous.

Your statement I mean, multiculturalism wasn't an idea - it's what happens when many different people from many different backgrounds live on the same planet. The idea that Labour relies heavily on the Islamic vote is irrelevant and probably not true either, and I can't imagine any MP exercising any power they have to influence who is or isn't in charge of a local school (run by the council).

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